A baby's brain is a shameful thing to waste.

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Babies Intellectual Potential.

Our Mission

training disadvantaged moms to enhance their babies’ brain development through shared daily activities.  

Our Story

We love children and have seen too many of them fail in their early school years because their parents did not know how to stimulate their little brains to develop adequately.  Later in life, we try to make up for it with special expensive programs, but it’s almost too late.  

The brain architecture has been formed during the first 5 years of the child’s life. Our passion is to help train underprivileged moms in ways that can change this destructive paradigm.  

Our Mission & Approach

Brain development during the first 5 years of a child’s life lays the foundation for success or failure in all facets of life.  Insufficient development is virtually impossible to overcome. 

Less fortunate parents have neither the resources nor the education to provide the stimulation needed to lay this foundation. Our challenge is how to help these less fortunate parents of children from ages 0 to 4 stimulate their child’s brain development through daily interactions.

After developing 24 monthly half-hour training modules for these moms, we will work with a national civic organization to deliver the training on a local basis.  Our prototype will be initially tested in Starke, FL and then refined in Gainesville. FL.  Delivery of the modules will be through an online membership portal to be downloaded and provide the training material locally to the moms.

Our Vision

To provide a training program delivered nationally by a civic organization through Baby Booster Learning Centers for underprivileged moms with children from 0 to 4. The program is designed to help these moms stimulate their baby’s brain architecture during these early critical years.

To provide an ongoing community or neighborhood for the graduates of the Learning Centers to continue learning and having support. Moms from our Circle of Moms may volunteer to mentor moms in the Moms4Moms Neighborhood.

to provide a safe environment for newborn babies through a Box4Baby program. This program was originated in Europe where specially designed cardboard boxes or cribs are given to each newborn. The boxes also contain basic needs for a newborn like formula, diapers, clothing, bedding, etc.

to provide a lesson plan and videos for use in middle school classes to help educate students on parenting skills relating to infant brain development and critical elements for stimulating the infant’s brain, proper nutrition, and safe, less stressful home environment.

What We Do

Baby Booster Learning Centers

Neighborhood learning centers for underprivileged moms with specially developed training modules delivered each month for 2 years by a local civic club.

Moms4Moms Community

A private online community providing continued support for underprivileged moms who attend the Learning Centers.  Members of the Circle of Moms may volunteer to mentor moms in the Moms4Moms Community.

Box4Baby Crib

Providing a secure place for her baby to sleep can be a major concern for underprivileged moms. Box4Baby will provide a cardboard crib with mattress, blanket, formula and other starter supplies for the new baby.

Angel Network

A private community of professionals with children from 0 to 4 finding answers to concerns by sharing with other moms.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Helping young mothers – who don’t know how – to spark the brains of their developing babies to become happy, healthy and successful school age children –

What a lofty goal we aspire to . . . See Video >


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